V Sattanathan



Born in 1931 in Calcutta, Viswanathan Sattanathan grew up in Mumbai, Calcutta and Madras. He then graduated from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, followed by a Masters in Economics.

In 1954 he joined as a Covenanted officer at Lloyds Bank in Mumbai. The bank later came to be known as the National Bank of India and still later on as Grindlays Bank. He joined American Express Bank in 1972 and worked in New York and Rothschild Bank in London. He spent many years as Head of Projects and had opportunities to travel to the Middle East and Far East.

In 1981 he resigned from American Express and started Onload Gears (OLG) in Chennai - This company was formed to manufacture high-tension switchgear equipment - in partnership with some friends. Over the years, OLG grew in scale, operating 5 units in Chennai’s industrial estate and became a leader in the domestic market.

Mr. Sattanathan divested out of OLG in 2013 and helped form the Krissco Group of Companies with his son, Madhav Sattanathan in 2014. Krissco’s diverse interests are helped by Mr. Sattanathan’s vast experience as a successful banker and businessman.

An accomplished sportsman, Mr. Sattanathan has held the national record in rifle and pistol shooting. He was an excellent oarsman and won the amateur rowing championship of the east. Today, he spends his leisure time pursuing his passion for photography, reading and watching his granddaughter Reyna grow up.

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Madhav Sattanathan

Managing Director


Madhav Sattanathan has always had entrepreneurship in his blood. Growing up in India and completing most of his formal education in Chennai and Lovedale, he moved to the United States in 1999 where he did a Bachelor's degree in Finance at Purdue University.

He then went on to spend over a decade in the USA, gaining experience in a range of different industries and business roles. This experience also gave Madhav an understanding of the evolving landscape and the tech lifecycle and helped build his ability in identifying upcoming trends before they became mainstream.

After his return to India, Madhav started Krissco, his holding company, with a vision to incubate, support and build world-class businesses. Krissco currently has interests in Real Estate, Software Development, and Corporate E-learning, through its three successful ventures - Kriss RE, CloudNow Technologies, and Hornbill FX. Each of the businesses is underwritten with the common philosophy of being thought leaders, putting emphasis on unparalleled quality, and demonstrating the ability of Indian start-ups to compete on a global stage.

With a keen understanding of the perils that face start-up companies, and with years of experience in building businesses beyond this fragile stage to a point where they are ready to take on funding to power their next phase of growth, Madhav's vision, drive and attention to detail make his contributions invaluable to Krissco and its group of companies.

Madhav is a keen sportsman and has played competitive tennis. He has a single figure handicap in golf and plays whenever possible. He is a keen swimmer and is married to Jharna and has a child Reyna.

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Aravindh Ramachandran

Director - Operations


Aravindh Ramachandran has been managing and leading creative teams his entire life, dating all the way back to his teen years as cultural secretary of his high school. What started there continued into a decades-long career running independent branding, advertising and creative services companies, with overlaps into film and video, event management, and more recently, animation.

He has worked with clients spanning industries ranging from healthcare and financial services to food, music, and entertainment - and these have comprised everything from small independent ventures to multi-national corporations with global leadership credentials.

Having joined his first startup while still an undergraduate in college, entrepreneurship is in his DNA and his career as a brand consultant has only enhanced his experience of working with startups and companies looking for exponential growth.

Aravindh brings his fundamental people skills, sharp focus on outcomes and never-say-die attitude to whatever he does, all of which makes him a perfect fit for the mission here at Krissco - to incubate, support and build world-class businesses.

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